Creating the masterpiece

We have a dream - to offer your beloved dog the very best! Our exclusive dog mansions are inspired by classical architecture and when it comes to the quality of the finish we make absolutely no compromises. Our team is constantly honing all their skills to make Hecate Verona products even more striking. All our products both existing models and the ones still on the drawing board are under relentless research for improvement.

The Inspiration

Architects and product designers in our team have gathered inspiration from all over the world, and from many different classical architectural periods. Architectural styles have been carefully chosen that have stood the test of time and that today are recognised as some of the greatest achievements in human history.

Each of our dog manors are bespoke and are exclusively designed and handcrafted. Beginning with the structural framework right through to the finishing elements like windows, pylons and roof tiles. All the elements are miniaturised originals that ensure the authenticity and proportions of all the details of our manors.

The second important source for our inspiration is the pets themselves. We have conducted extensive research and consulted with pet psychologists to ensure the overall quality of the product and the wellbeing of your pet has always been paramount. As dog breeds can be sensitive to their surroundings, materials are ecologically sourced and allergy-free wherever possible. Luxurious materials like oak, marble and Swarovski crystals are incorporated to further enhance the glamour and exclusivity of an already premium product. The main principle is that we accept no cheaper substitutes!

The framework

A dog manor’s walls and framework, with its stunningly detailed design is crafted from solid wood elements and a steel frame. It acts not only as a visually delightful architectural form but also as a protective shield against the weather.


The final components are sent to the assembly workshop to undergo a host of intricately detailed manufacturing techniques.

Crafting an architecturally designed dog manor is a complex art, requiring perfect strokes at every stage in the process. Even before the thousands of components are fitted together, the master-craftsmen must carry out a crucial pre-assembly procedure, which is vital in ensuring that all pieces will fit together flawlessly.

Casing up

Casing-up is the final stage in completing the dog manor, and is the culmination of months of painstaking work to ensure that everything possible has been done to ensure the integrity of the finished manor.