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Merging handicraft skills and high-end technology with years of expertise, the Hecate Verona Manufacture has pushed engineering, craft and design further than any other architect or manufacturer before, culminating in the creation of truly unique and exclusive dog manors.


Throughout the years, the Hecate Verona team have surpassed technical and manufacturing boundaries to craft ever more rewarding solutions. True craftsmanship, that is defined by evolving and mastering the impossible.


It all starts with an idea, a new ground breaking thought, the intention of taking high-end architecture and playing with perspective and dimensions, the perfect harmony of lines and curves that the designer sketches out, as he defines an exclusive and loving environment for your pet.

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Bespoke Production

The experts can then create the mock up ensuring everything is correct, before the technical teams prepare the specifications for the manufacturing stage, when design will finally become reality. Only when each detail has been perfected can final production of the dog manor begin.

Smart system for
the convenience of your pet

Our Smart System ensures the utmost comfort for your pet, and convenience for you. House automation, is incorporated into the smart dog manor. This controls the automation of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning while ensuring interaction with your pet for you. Internet enabled cameras and screen allow for communication at any time or distance.

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